Tips for healthier teeth


  • Use an electric brush.
    • Oral-B has come top of the “Which” best buys list for the past several years.
    • Colgate Proclinical is very good too.
      • Whichever you use change the head every 3 months
    • Sonicare is good too.
  • Use a conventional brush
    • Soft or Medium bristles only
    • Circular motion –no scrubbing
    • Change it every 3 months


  • There are 4 basic types
    • De-sensitizing
    • Whitening
    • Regular
    • Fluoride-free
      • Use whichever you prefer.
  • If your teeth are prone to tooth decay – We sometimes prescribe a paste that prevents Decay, over 70% of tooth decay can be prevented using –Duraphat 5000ppm by Colgate


  • This is as important as brushing because it is the best way of preventing gum disease and tooth decay in those vulnerable inter-dental (in between teeth) areas.
    • We recommend something like the Wisdom Easy Flosser which makes it easier to floss between your back teeth and makes it easier if you have less manual dexterity. (Floss Picks have been discontinued!)
  • There are alternatives to floss which are useful when flossing is not possible:
    • Tepe brushes
    • Water jet cleaners such as
      • Waterpik
      • Panasonic Water Jet


  • We don’t recommend any particular mouthwash for routine daily use for the following reasons:
    • Chlorhexidene based ones, such as Corsodyl, are very effective but will stain your teeth after 7 days continuous use.
    • The other ones aren’t very effective
    • If you brush and floss well you don’t need a mouthwash.
  • We prescribe Corsodyl for short-term (5days) use for the following:
    • Gum disease
    • Healing extraction sockets
    • Mouth ulcers
    •  Sore throats

Food and Drink

  • Sugars are best avoided; they make you fat, they make you diabetic and they rot your teeth –enough said!
    • Watch out for hidden sugars! These are sugars with a nickname such as fructose (fruit sugar), lactose (milk sugar), maltose (grain sugar), malto-dextrin, hydrogenated starch.
    • Watch out for sugars where you least expect them! Some foods/prepared meals, which you would expect to be healthy because of their marketing, have a lot of sugars in them –so always check the label.
    • Fizzy drinks and hot drinks with sugar are the worst because the former are also acidic and the latter are warm which speeds up the decay process.
  • Deep fried food, such as a burger, is unhealthy not only because it clogs your arteries but also because it can make your gums worse.
    • If you have gum disease deep fried food will make it worse and will hinder it healing.
    • If you have gum disease your heart will be less healthy and more prone to heart disease.

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