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Free Denture Check-up

Dentures feeling uncomfortable or need replacement? Call 01305 265408 or use the form below to request a free denture check-up in Dorchester. If you don’t yet have dentures then we can offer you a free consultation instead.

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    If you have Dentures then it is still important to visit the Dentist regularly for a Denture check-up as over time Dentures can become uncomfortable and may require adjustment. Badly fitting Dentures can lead to serious problems. Here at National Dental on Trinity Street in Dorchester we are experts in diagnosing and resolving all types of problems with Dentures.

    Free Denture Check-up

    Even though that you may now not have any problems with your teeth any more as they were all since removed and replaced with Dentures; you do still need to see a Dentist regularly to have your Dentures checked. As the mouth in a constant state of change it is important to frequently check that your dentures are correctly fitted and performing optimally. Worn, Damaged or poorly fitted Dentures can lead to loss the bone and the dental ridges that support your dentures which can ultimately result in discomfort, difficulty eating, sore spots and chronic irritation which can result in much more serious health conditions.

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