Invisible Braces

We’ve been working with a “transparent sequential positioner systems” called Nuvola and 6 Month Smiles for some time now and we’ve seen some dramatic results for our patients, not only in the overall look of our patients beaming smiles after their treatment but also improving the way they bite and chew and improving their ability to keep straighter teeth clean and healthy!

There has been a significant increase in interest towards straightening teeth in recent months as people are becoming more aware of how accessible and affordable it has become. The emergence of new dental technologies has given us a fantastic alternative to the traditional metal braces.  Meaning people are now choosing to take the time to correct misplaced teeth rather than using more invasive but quicker methods like veneers to cover them over.

These invisible brace systems that we use is a sequence of clear, removable positioners. Each positioner is designed to fit over the teeth and apply gentle forces to gradually move the teeth. The positioners are worn until they feel passive, usually around 14 days, you then move onto the next positioner that has further movements built in. This step by step approach ensures that you are only applying gentle forces to the teeth which is both good orthodontic practice and minimises any discomfort when wearing the positioner. The amount of positioners needed and length of treatment varies from patient to patient.

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